Outdoor Heaters

Add a dash of warmth to your patio with an electric or gas outdoor heater.

What to look for when buying an outdoor heater

  • Make sure to consider the size of your outdoor area and what happens around it. Is it for a spacious decking area with an outdoor dining set? Or will it be for a cosy little patio for you to relax? The choice of what type of outdoor heater to buy would depend on its use. A ceiling-mounted heater would be a great option for a relatively large area as it allows zoning of the heat. On the other hand, a portable heater is ideal for small areas and allows for a more flexible set-up. Either way, we've got an outdoor heater that's suitable for you.

  • Good news, we have both. Electric heaters come in more varieties and come with a more compact design. Gas heater is cost-effective and is considered to be more portable. At FurnitureOkay, all of our outdoor heaters feature radiant heating technology, which is much more efficient than convective heating and are better suited for outdoor uses.

  • Generally, the larger the heater panel, the higher the power output. It is often more practical to spot heat desired areas such as over outdoor tables. We recommend buying 2 wall/ceiling mounted heaters for an 8-seater dining set when used directly over the table. You could refer to our heating area recommendations for each outdoor heater model from their product pages.

  • After you buy your outdoor heater online, we'll ship it to you quickly and safely. Check out our outdoor furniture and complete the set-up to enjoy a great life in your patio.

Outdoor Heaters
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Frequently asked questions

  • Most outdoor heater models come with a power cable and plug, which can be plugged into a standard domestic 10A power point. With all ceiling/wall mounted heaters, brackets are also supplied, allowing you to install the heater yourself to the ceiling, or angled down on a wall. On the other hand, all portable heaters come with simple DIY construction, simply follow the product manual to put them together. Some heater models will require hardwiring by a licensed electrician, please refer to the product description for installation type.

  • Radiant heating involves the direct transfer of heat to objects and people through infrared waves. Radiant heating heats the surfaces of the objects themselves, whilst convection heating heats the air in between the objects. Radiant heaters produce an even heat using minimal energy requirements because they do not require fans to distribute heat in the same way as convective heaters do. In large open indoor and outdoor spaces, this heating type is extremely efficient and effective as it provides targeted warmth to the people and objects below, and allows zoning of the heat. Radiant heat is the only viable option for heating outdoor spaces where there is considerable air movement, as heated air through convective heating rises to the ceiling or is lost through poor insulation, rather than remain in the area that people occupy.

  • Electric heaters are economical to operate. You could estimate your operating cost by multiplying the total power output by your local electricity usage rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh). For example, a typical 2000 Watts (2 kW) heater, at maximum power, would cost $0.66 per hour based on an electricity usage rate of $0.33 per kWh.

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